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Bubble football

Bounce away! A fun and captivating game fit for all ages that will ensure multiple laughs. We are looking for fast and physically strong players as well as tactically-programmed brains. Take one for the team!

What do we need?

Contained provides all necessary materials: bubble balls, pumps, electric cables, footballs, etc.
For this activity, we do need a solid grass field without any sharp objects (no glass, twigs, etc.).


6 balls (ideal for up to 12 people) + pumps + football + cones = 150 euros

Need more balls? +25 euro/extra ball.

Possibility of using our Contained trailer in which all equipment is present.


Including delivery?
Delivery is possible at 1 euro/km starting from Berlare!

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Guidance + provision of 6 bubble balls and necessary materials. Need extra balls? 25 euros/ball. Standard duration activity= 1h30minutes. Longer desired? Price upon request.

Excl. Delivery is possible at 1 euro/km from Berlare!

Please note: Minimum fee of 400 euros for this supervised activity. Lower budget? We can also rent equipment, including a thorough briefing both digitally and on-site.

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What number of people can we play bubble football with?

This depends on the client’s wishes. We can work with very large groups (up to 100 people) using a pass-through system or substitute players, or combine it with other activities. If, however, the client wants it to be organized in the format of a match, both teams will consist of 8 people (max). Obviously, we can have several on-going matches at the same time…

How long does a game of bubble football last?

Ideally, this should be a one-hour activity, so each participant should spend a maximum of 1 hour actively engaged in this activity. Combined with other activities, we can of course keep the group entertained for much longer!

Is this a game for everyone?

We apply a minimum age of 12 years for bubble football! Furthermore, this is a physically demanding activity, so it is advisable to check the fitness of the people who wish to take part. We can of course provide other activities at the same time so all participants have the option to choose whether or not to compete! This will allow all participants to remain actively involved.

Where can this take place?

Can take place both indoors and outdoors at all possible locations with a decent field that has no sharp objects on it (grass pitch field or indoor terrain with no broken glass, twigs, etc)

How many participants do we need to have?

This game can be played with as little as 6 participants. We do always apply a minimum rate independent of the number of people participating (see pricing).

What is the maximum number of participants?

This can be played in very large groups (up to 100 people). Does your request concern a larger group (+50 persons)? Do not hesitate to contact us and we will look at all possibilities together!

Where do we need to collect and return the materials?

Materials can be collected from and returned to the following address: Warande 4, 9290 Berlare. The times need to be agreed in advance.

What if the weather’s bad?

No, Contained takes care of everything: the activities, catering, drinks, standing tables, cardboard plates, you name it…

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