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Construction games

No better TEAM activity than building something together! This allows everyone to express their opinions and ideas. Good communication and a clear plan are crucial to achieve a good result here!

What do we need?

Nothing at all! Contained provides all necessary materials: building materials, tape measures, etc. However, you will heavily rely on your nerves of steel, so it would be best not to forget them!


150 euros including all materials.

Recommended in combination with other activities, see our packages


Including delivery?
Delivery is possible at 0,75 euro/km from Berlare!

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This activity is only possible with supervision which can be provided by us when you are booking one of our packages.

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What number of people can we play construction games with?

This can be played with very large groups in different teams and with different set-ups. Each individual group has a maximum limit of 5 people.

How long does a round of construction games take?

A maximum of 30 minutes. This is the ideal game to combine with other Contained activities.

Is this a game for everyone?

All ages can join the team! However, we do ask for at least 1 adult/group.

Where can this take place?

This can take place anywhere, both indoors and outdoors!

How many participants do we need to have?

At least 2 participants per group. We do always apply a minimum rate independent of the number of people participating (see pricing).

What is the maximum number of participants?

This can be played in very large groups (up to 100 people). Does your request concern a larger group (+50 persons)? Do not hesitate to contact us and we will look at all possibilities together!

Where do we need to collect and return the materials?

Materials can be collected from and returned to the following address: Warande 4, 9290 Berlare. The times need to be agreed in advance.

What if the weather’s bad?

Contained has a personalized folding tent of no less than 36m2! This allows us to always provide a shelter in bad weather, and we can even hold some activities under cover. Just think of our mobile dart tracks, escape boxes, construction games, The Pizza Game, etc. Want to see a brilliant video of what it looks like? Then be sure to check out our socials!

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