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Escape box

An escape room hidden in a box, sounds easy right? Think again! Ideal for all ages and a real challenge for everyone. Logical thinking and teamwork are required for this activity! Contained currently provides two differently-themed 2 escape boxes: pirate treasure and Pablo Escobar.

What do we need?

Nothing at all! Nothing at all! Contained provides the requested number of escape boxes. After a thorough briefing, you are ready to go! The only thing that is recommended or requested is electricity connection as this is necessary to install the digital clock that will keep track of the time frame during which the participants have been torturing their rusty brain cells.


Max 5 persons/escape box. Self-resetting is possible using a viewfinder.

To be transported in a wooden box with the following dimensions: 0.80m x 0.60m x 0.50m ATTENTION: weight + 20KG!

Choice between pirate theme and/or Pablo Escobar theme.


Price is per escape box. Duration of the escape box is approximately 30 minutes/group.
Delivery is possible at 0.75 euro/km departing from Berlare!

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Price includes 1 box and up to 3 hours of effective playtime. Need more? +150 euro/box.

Want to extend your supervised session? Price on request/customized.

Choice between pirate theme and/or Pablo Escobar theme.


Excluding travel allowance at 1 euro/km departing from Berlare.

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What number of people can play an escape-box-game?

Each escape box can accommodate 5 participants. So, depending on the group size, we will bring a certain number of escape boxes, or work with a pass-through system in combination with other activities.

How much time does a game of escape box take?

This depends on the level of the team. We have learned from experience that most groups take around 20-30 minutes per escape box. So if we bring both boxes, each team can fill approximately 1 hour (incl briefing).

Is this a game for everyone?

This is a game for everyone! However, children under 12 years need to be accompanied by at least 1 adult.

Where can this take place?

This can take place either indoors or outdoors. Outside, we don’t need anything to get this activity started!

How many participants do we need to have?

The minimum number per box is 2 people. We do always apply a minimum rate independent of the number of people participating (see pricing).

What is the maximum number of participants?

The maximum number of players per session is 20. If your group is larger, we will combine the escape box with other activities and work with a pass-through system.

Where do we need to collect and return the materials?

Materials can be collected from and returned to the following address: Warande 4, 9290 Berlare. The times need to be agreed in advance.

What if the weather’s bad?

No, Contained takes care of everything: the activities, catering, drinks, standing tables, cardboard plates, you name it…

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