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Super cool activity, both indoors and outdoors! An ideal fit for a large group of people and an unforgettable experience your team will talk about for a long time… During this game, tactics will play a crucial role!

What do we need?

Contained provides everything in terms of equipment: guns, party hats, headbands… You don’t need to bring anything yourself. Laser shooting can take place indoors or outdoors. All you need is a cool location! But choose wisely, as it is much more fun to hide in a building/park while playing, than to play lasershooting on an open plain… You can easily compare it to a game of paintball in terms of surface area required.


This activity is only possible with supervision!

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300 euro/session. A session can be played with up to 18 people and lasts at least 1 hour!

Excl. travel expenses at 1 euro/km departure from Berlare.


Minimum fee of €450 for this activity with supervision.

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What number of people can we play laser shooting with?

A maximum number of 18 people can participate. Want to participate with a larger group? Then we will combine laser shooting with one – or more – of our other activities (see package), or we will subdivide your group into several teams that will each take turns.

How much time does a game of laser shooting take?

A standard session lasts 1h15 minutes during which we will have at least 1 hour of effective playtime after a short briefing. Extending the session is possible if desired, but the recommended playtime is and remains 1 hour. In combination with other activities, you can of course choose to spend more time on 1 activity.

Is this a game for everyone?

The minimum age is 12 years for all participants. Any children below 12 in your group? Feel free to mention this and we will look for a solution together (bringing extra “kidsguns” e.g.).

Where can this take place?

Laser shooting can take place anywhere, both indoors and outdoors! We have had several exotic locations in the past; a castle, an abandoned industrial estate, school buildings, parks… You name it! If you have any questions about the location, do not hesitate to contact us!

How many participants do we need to have?

Contained works with a minimum rate per booking, not a minimum number of players. The minimum rate is 450 euros, with a standard price of 300 euros/session (at least 1 hour of effective playtime with up to 18 players) and a travel fee of 1.5 euros/km departure from Berlare.

What is the maximum number of participants?

The maximum number of players per session is 18 people. If your group consists of more players, we will combine laser shooting with other activities and work in a pass-through system.

What in case of bad weather?

Contained has a personalized folding tent of no less than 36m2! This allows us to always provide a shelter in bad weather, and we can even hold some activities under cover. Just think of our mobile dart tracks, escape boxes, construction games, The Pizza Game, etc. Want to see a brilliant video of what it looks like? Then be sure to check out our socials!

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