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Our formula for success

6 standard activities

Bubble football, arrow tag, shooting skills

Thinking puzzles
Escape box, construction games, mind games


Excluding travel expenses at 1.5 euro/km. Duration 2h to 2h30min effective activity.


bubble football

Bubble football

Bounce away! A fun and captivating game fit for all ages that will ensure multiple laughs. We are looking for fast and physically strong players as well as tactically-programmed brains. Take one for the team!

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arrow tag

Arrow tag

Our real-life Hunger Games! Arrow tag will sharpen your survival skills… An easily accessible type of sport that only needs a short explanation. Patience, precision and a sense of purpose are what we are looking for here!

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shooting skills

Shooting skills

Ready? Get set… Shoot! With different shooting modes for larger groups, we will be looking for THE Robin Hood of the team. It goes without saying that the person with a sharp eye and a steady steady hand will stand out during this activity!

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escape box

Escape box

An escape room hidden in a box, sounds easy right? Think again! Ideal for all ages and a real challenge for everyone. Logical thinking and teamwork are required for this activity! Contained currently provides two differently-themed 2 escape boxes: pirate treasure and Pablo Escobar.

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Construction games

Construction games

No better TEAM activity than building something together! This allows everyone to express their opinions and ideas. Good communication and a clear plan are crucial to achieve a good result here!

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Who on the team will provide the most answers? Both our practical assignments and think puzzles will make sure everyone stands out! Your group will need to be open-minded and will have to work together as a team.

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Contained also features:



Team games

GPS orientation tour

The Pizza Game


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What activities are included?

In their standard range, Contained provides the following activities as their formula for success: arrow tag, bubble football, shooting skills, escape boxes, construction games and mind games. Depending on the client’s wishes, we can combine those activities with additional activities we also have in range, such as laser shooting, team games, darts and AR game.

Is the cost all-inclusive?

The standard price of 45 euro pp includes the activities of our formula for success. If we start adding and/or changing activities, the price can rise upto a maximum of 55 euros pp. Both prices mentioned exclude our travel fee.

Is there a minimum number of participants?

No. However, we do have a minimum of 12 paying participants if you want to organize a supervised team-building. If you are on a more limited budget, we can also adapt the number of activities. Moreover, supervision is not obligatory. Please contact us to look at all possibilities together!

Is there a maximum number of participants?

No, we can combine lots of activities… As a result, we have no maximum number of participants.

Does each and every participant take part in all activities/ every subpart of each activity?

This is possible, but not obligatory. It depends on the client’s choice. It is an option that some of the participants only take part in the “mind games” and other players only cover the “physical games”. However, it is equally possible that everyone is involved in all activities.

Do we need to provide anything ourselves?

No, we will agree on a location together and Contained will provide all the necessary equipment and supervisors if requested.

What in case of bad weather?

Contained has a personalized folding tent of no less than 36m2! This allows us to always provide a shelter in bad weather, and we can even hold some activities under cover. Just think of our mobile dart tracks, escape boxes, construction games, The Pizza Game, etc. Want to see a brilliant video of what it looks like? Then be sure to check out our socials!

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