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Teambuildings; a thing for summer?

Guess again! Even during the colder winter months it is important to make sure your team can work together as a strong unit!

The activities mentioned below are a selection from our offer for your winter-proof teambuilding. Together, we will combine your preferred activities into one, joint teambuilding so you can surprise your colleagues with a blissful winter team-activity! Depending on the location at your disposal and bearing in mind your specific budget-range, we will create a tailor-made teambuilding!


Super cool activity, both indoors and outdoors! An ideal fit for a large group of people and an unforgettable experience your team will talk about for a long time... During this game, tactics will play a crucial role!


Today’s absolute trend.


Is your group up for a challenge? Solve riddles as a secret agent and save the world from destruction! Can take place both indoors and outdoors. Only determined and driven players will be able to get to the finish line.

Construction games

No better TEAM activity than building something together! This allows everyone to express their opinions and ideas. Good communication and a clear plan are crucial to achieve a good result here!

Escape box

An escape room hidden in a box, sounds easy right? Think again! Ideal for all ages and a real challenge for everyone. Logical thinking and teamwork are required for this activity! Contained currently provides two differently-themed 2 escape boxes: pirate treasure and Pablo Escobar.


Who on the team will provide the most answers? Both our practical assignments and think puzzles will make sure everyone stands out! Your group will need to be open-minded and will have to work together as a team.

How much do our tailormade team-buildings cost?

We apply a minimum rate of 45 euro pp, excluding travel expenses at 1 euro/km with departure from Berlare. The price can rise upto a maximum of 55 euros pp and fluctuates depending on the quantity and specification of the activities chosen.

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Can this winter-proof team building also take place outdoors?

All activities are built up so they can take place both indoors and outdoors. We call it a winterproof team-building because during the (colder) winter months our activities can also take place indoors.

Should there be a minimum number of participants?

For this winterproof team building, we apply a minimum of 12 paying participants. Are you looking to book a team-building for a smaller group of people? Please get in touch so we can look at the options.

Is there a maximum number of participants?

The maximum number of participants depends upon the extent of your location. In other words if you have a very large space available for the team-building to take place, there won’t be many restrictions since almost all our activities can take up to 200 people/participants. The smaller the location, the lower the number of participants.

What space is required for the activities?

The required space depends on the contents of the activity. As such this will always be discussed when you are booking your team-building. Concretely our darts-game, escape boxes, construction games and mind games do not require much space. Our AR game and laser shooting, however, can only take place in a significantly larger space.

Do we need to provide anything ourselves?

Contained will bring all required materials and will provide the necessary instructions for each assignment. All you need to do is indicate a desired location and make a selection of your preferred activities and you’re done!

What in case of bad weather?

Contained has a personalized folding tent of no less than 36m2! This allows us to always provide a shelter in bad weather, and we can even hold some activities under cover. Just think of our mobile dart tracks, escape boxes, construction games, The Pizza Game, etc. Want to see a brilliant video of what it looks like? Then be sure to check out our socials!

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