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“Welcome to Scotland! Imagine you are a real Scotsman and take on all sorts of tasks (not just physical!) in search of victory in the one and only Highland Games!

What do we need?

Nothing at all! Contained is responsible for everything. Everything from the materials for the trials, the scoreboard to keep track of the standings, and even the necessary typical Scottish kilts and clothing for the participants….


The 9 assignments (sack races, tug-of-war, beam sawing, wheelbarrow race,…) of the Highland Games = €150

Please note: at least a camionette is required to transport equipment.

Including delivery?
Delivery is possible at 0.75 euro/km departing from Berlare!

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For our “Highlandgames- teambuilding” we have a standard rate of 35 euros pp. Included are guidance and 9 assignments where at the end we have 1 winning team of about 5 people.

This formula takes about 2 hours of effective activity!

Excluding travel allowance at 1 euro/km departing from Berlare.

Interested in combining with other activities? Then be sure to check out our team building page


Minimum fee of €450 for this activity with supervision.

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What is the maximum number of people we can play these highland games with?

We can de-duplicate all assignments so we already have experience with groups of 80 people. Feel free to tell us the size of your group and we will work together to find the perfect operation!

How many people should we have as a minimum?

There is no minimum number of participants! However, we do apply a minimum rate of 12 paying participants for the accompanied format.

Is that dangerous, highland games?

For the most dangerous tasks (e.g. sawing wood), we always provide a supervisor to make sure the activity runs safely. Safety first!

What about the people who are not so keen on physical assignments?

Everyone can add value at Contained teambuildings, so we not only provide the physical games of highland games but also provide the Handy Harry’s and solid thinkers among us

What in case of bad weather?

Contained has a personalised folding tent of no less than 36m2! This allows us to always provide a shelter in case of bad weather during our team-buildings, and we can even hold some activities under protection. Wish you could see a brilliant video of what this one looks like? Then be sure to check out our socials!

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