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Vintage Games

Ready for some old-school fun? With all kinds of vintage games like shuffleboard, milk the cow and Operation, we try and find the people in the team who are good at these vintage games! Perseverance, composure and an open mind are what we look for here in our participants…

What do we need?

Nothing at all! Contained provides everything you need as standard (at least 5 vintage games!) and supervision if required. This activity also only requires a limited amount of space. It can take place both indoors and outdoors!


125 euros for 5 vintage games.

Delivery is also possible at 0,75 euro/km departing from Berlare!

PLEASE NOTE: as these games don’t fit in a normal car, transport is via van only.

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This activity can only be booked with supervision through one of our packages.

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How many people can play the vintage games?

The 5 standard vintage games can be played by 10 to 15 people. Want more vintage games? Then contact us for a commitment-free enquiry.

How long does a vintage game take?

Depending on the group, you can spend between 30 minutes and 1 hour playing the 5 vintage games (especially if you make a tournament out of it). Looking for a longer activity? We can always combine it with other activities, so contact us for a commitment-free enquiry.

Is this a game for everyone?

These games are suitable for both young and old. In fact, everyone can play!

Where can this take place?

This can take place both indoors and outdoors, and you only need very little space!

How many participants do we need to have?

There is a minimum rate to hire the games, which is not affected by the number of participants.

What is the maximum number of participants?

This is up to you – these vintage games can also be set up for a large group who are free to decide which they want to play and when.

Where do we need to collect and return the materials?

Materials can be collected from and returned to the following address: Warande 4, 9290 Berlare. The times need to be agreed in advance.

What if the weather’s bad?

Contained has a personalized folding tent of a whopping 36m2! This allows us to invariably provide a shelter in case of inclement weather, and we can even have some activities take place under protection. Think about our mobile dart courts, escape boxes, construction games, The Pizza Game, … Wish you could see a brilliant video of what this one looks like? Then be sure to check out our socials!

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